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The Best Rates on Motel Stays in the Area

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Whether you're looking to stay for just one night, or interested in weekly and monthly stays, you'll get a competitively priced room at Colonial Motel and RV Park. If you stay for 3 days or more, we'll offer $5 discount on any room you choose to stay in.


There are no incidental charges in the rooms, and we offer lower winter rates for all of our guests. Give us a call to find out more about our rates.

  • FREE high-speed Wi-Fi

  • Denver mattress

  • Flat screen TV with HD

  • Small in-room refrigerator

  • Vehicle plug-in right outside the window

  • Coin operated laundry service

  • Outdoor gazebo with patio table and grill

Family-owned, 100% customer satisfaction, and money back guarantee


Call to find out about the rates available for your stay.


"Hotel" clean rooms at an affordable price